Want to be Fantastic at Asian Wedding Venues? Here is How

All weddings are beautiful and Asian weddings are simply opulent. Asian weddings are highlighted by special customs and regional traditions that are diverse and exquisite. Extraordinary Asian wedding venues understand the exquisiteness of the following wedding traditions and offering them is what makes the venues fantastic and sought after.

 Japanese Shinto wedding traditions

While western weddings are almost always white, Japanese weddings are colorful. The bride is dressed in silk kimono decorated with purple iris flowers. The best venues for Shinto ceremonies are vast gardens because the earth’s spirits are requested to consecrate the newlyweds.

 Indonesian wedding traditions

Indonesian weddings are really big with at least 1,000 guests. Normally, the bride and groom greet all their guests along a receiving line prior to the reception. Asian wedding venues such as vast gardens and palaces with grand ballrooms are the perfect place to hold huge Indonesian weddings. The venues should also have a good number of rooms where the wedding party can rest after the long celebration.

 Chinese wedding traditions

It is white for western and purple for Japanese while it is red and gold for Chinese weddings. The best Asian wedding venues for traditional Chinese weddings are those with vast landscapes. The Chinese usually have firecrackers in their celebrations in the belief that these will ward off evil spirits.

 Thai wedding traditions

Compared to other big Asian weddings, Thai weddings won’t usually have hundreds of guests. The bride and groom only invite close family and friends to the occasion. The ideal venue for Thai weddings can be 5-star hotels and historic places.

By understanding different wedding traditions and cultural essentials, wedding venues can offer the best packages, facilities and services to their clients for a memorable celebration.